Tuesday, 6 June 2017

8 things educators need to know about copyright and open resources

Article from Open Education Europa:
Teachers and learners now have unprecedented access to online resources and materials from all over the world. The internet has no borders, but original content published on the internet is subject to national copyright laws.

Here are eight key points to keep in mind when using online content or other media in your classroom.

1. What is copyright?
2. Copyright laws differ from country to country
3. Just because it’s copyrighted doesn’t mean you can’t use it
4. Drawing from a copyrighted work to create something new is okay
5. Copyright doesn’t last forever
6. Authors can choose to give up some of their rights by publishing their work under a Creative Commons license.
7. Open Educational Resources (OER) are free for you to use and adapt to your needs
8. YOU, as an educator and a consumer, are responsible for maintaining content quality.

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