OER Courseware Library

Becoming an open educator - aimed at anyone curious about how free and open might change the approach to teaching and learning - produced as part of the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) project.

How to make an open online course - course aims to give you the skills and knowledge to design, structure and produce your own open online course. Written by the Free Learning team at The Open University.

Resources for Open Educational Practice - Open educational practices can be a way of widening access to education, or to increasing the reach of educational resources, or improving the quality of education. This collection includes case studies on how other people and institutions have used open educational resources and practices; guidance on ways of finding, using, creating and sharing high quality open educational resources (OER) and about how to use open educational practices; and research on open education.

Global trends in death and dying - aimed at anyone who is interested in global trends in death and dying - produced as part of research led by the End of Life Studies Group at the University of Glasgow and supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice - developed to complement the 2015 Education Scotland Route Map for Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice and support the professional standards from the General Teaching Council for Scotland. This free module aims to provide teachers and local authority staff with an awareness of what dyslexia is, its impact and how it can be supported within an inclusive school community. 

Understanding Parkinson’s for health and social care staff - As a health or social care professional you may provide care for people with Parkinson's. This may be in hospital, full-time residential care, in the community or in short-term respite care. It is likely that you will mostly come into contact with people with Parkinson's who are at the complex phase and this will be the focus on this course.